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Accessible art: a work-in-progress (March, 2011)

art&jules gallery transitions to online-only In the two years that art&jules was open, over 100 artists and their work passed through the Gottingen Street gallery. While its space is now empty and its doors shut, gallery owner Keegan Whalen is committed to revitalizing the business in an online format. “When we first decided to do … Continue reading

The Archivist (February, 2011)

Meet Michael Moosberger: The man who collects, organizes and preserves some of Nova Scotia’s most precious archives History is with us, but it takes a special person to guide you through. When we wanted to put together a look at the place of Gazette journalism in Dalhousie history, there was one person who could help … Continue reading

My bum is on the East Coast (November, 2010)

Tom Green proves that he can still get us off Tom Green: artist or freak? If there’s anything his world tour is teaching us, it’s that this eccentric Canadian comedian encompasses a strange mix of shrewd wit and crude buffoonery. From Green’s keen perspectives on the evolution of communication to his ever-popular catchphrase “Daddy, would … Continue reading

Too funny to die (October, 2010)

Local comedy group Picnicface have emerged from limbo. “We were definitely in a rut,” says Picnicface member and former Dalhousie theatre student Brian Macquarrie. “And whatever comes after a rut is what we’re in now.” Earlier this month, the Comedy Network confirmed they would produce 13 episodes of a Picnicface sketch comedy show, an idea … Continue reading

Don’t put out this fire (October, 2010)

Sarah Harmer returns to Halifax to reignite her fans The Halifax Pop Explosion may be over. But a little fire remains. Singer and songwriter Sarah Harmer is setting out on a four-week North American tour to share her latest album, Oh Little Fire, with her fans. One of her first stops is in Halifax where … Continue reading