Island Creek Oyster Bar


Mondays can be slow nights for many restaurants. And it usually doesn’t help when it’s pouring rain as well.

Not the case for Boston’s Island Creek Oyster Bar, where I’m oh so glad we made a reservation. Walking into this bustling bivalve joint, we’re greeted by not one, but three hostesses. I wonder how many hosts work on a Saturday night?

It’s a beautiful space: bright, airy, and open. My dad and I opt to sit at the oyster bar where flatscreens are broadcasting the Blue Jays/Red Sox game at Fenway Park, just around the corner from the restaurant. And hey, oyster bars are always more fun than tables anyway, right? Except at this bar they don’t actually do any of the shucking in front of you. But chatting with the bartenders is always fun, especially when they’re plenty knowledgeable about the menu: from each individual oyster’s texture to its salinity level. We order a couple dozen of the Island Creeks, Chathams, East Beach Blondes, and Norhern Cross oysters, all washed down with a bottle (or two) of Muscadet.


And while the oysters may be the highlight, the food is hard to beat as well. The Ethel lobster roll is delicious, not scrimping on the lobster meat in the least. Accompanied by a side of kettle chips, I am more than satisfied by my meal. But somehow that doesn’t stop us from ordering donuts for dessert (replacing cupcakes as the new trendy dessert).

All-in-all, Island Creek was a wonderful & memorable experience. If I had more time in Boston, I probably would have visited again for another meal. Needless to say, next time I’m in Beantown I will certainly be back!


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